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Black Star Updates

Terral’s Newest Black Star Update 03-27-2014: http://youtu.be/2OiWI9bUosc

Terral’s Newest Black Star Update 04-03-2014: http://youtu.be/Fyywy14KbaU

Terral’s Newest Black Star Update 04-10-2014: http://youtu.be/RpXnBwJW2HM

Terral’s Newest Black Star Update 04-17-2014: http://youtu.be/tkBx3CiJU9Q

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Black Star Report: Spring 2014
All indications say the black star is now transitioning from the Virgo to the Libra Constellation with increasing velocity, as the black star appears to be moving towards a perihelion event with our Sun. The leading explanation today says that the black star is the binary twin to our Sun that formed from the same dust cloud more than 4.5 billion years ago that was much larger than our Sun, until exhausting available resources to implode upon itself creating an anomalous celestial object with a planetary relationship with our Sun. This black star appears to be moving into the inner solar system on 3600-year cycles and responsible for earth changes connected to Noah and Moses on previous orbit cycles. Our difficulty in recognizing a clear repeating pattern from the historical precedents is due to the fact that black star interacts with the inner solar system, while Earth is in different orbit positions relative to the Sun and black star with each black star orbit cycle.
Imagine that Earth position relative to the Sun is divided into 365 different locations some 1.6 million miles apart representing the distance that our planet travels around the hub of our solar system represented by 365 segments of a roulette wheel. Earth has 365 different positions in our orbit around the Sun relative to the black star reaching perihelion, or the time when the black star is moving at maximum velocity at a location nearest the Sun. Earth can be on the far side of the solar system with the Sun standing between the Earth and black star, which means the Sun retains magnetic polarity control of our planet throughout the black star orbit cycle representing the most-favorable position for our planet. However, the black star can also be directly between the Sun and Earth creating environmental conditions for a geological pole shift tipping our planet over like a spinning top wobbling out of control causing the ocean waters to crawl upon the land wiping out a high percentage of the population living near the coast.
The world volcanoes continue to show high activity through this current 3+ month earth change lull period indicating that Earth core temperatures are remaining high and our planet is having difficulty maintaining equilibrium. The seismic data relating to earthquake activity shows that we have three to five more weeks of earth change lull period with numbers of indicator quakes hovering around the 200-per-week average trending in a downward direction, as Earth moves nearer to outside orbit position relative to the Sun and black star. The Sun/Earth and black star/Earth magnetic portal connections appear to be disconnecting and reconnecting on the same side of our planet through this period, but the change should take place around February 1, 2014 once these two diverging magnetic portal connections make the right triangle. That marks the time that the Sun/Earth and black star/Earth magnetic portal connections begin disconnecting and reconnecting on opposite sides of the planet and migrating animals begin losing their way from the bending of magnetic lines caused by an enlarging magnetic vortex that forms over the magnetic North Pole. This phenomenon causes migrating animals to travel east and west rather than north and south between their food sources. Magnetic lines moving over land masses cause the migrating fish to pile up on the shores of Scotland, Sweden and Norway on the Atlantic Ocean side of the equation and on the coasts of Alaska, Canada, Washington, Oregon and California on the Pacific Ocean side in most cases, but with some exceptions.
The 2.5 to 4-magnitude indicator quake values should reach a low point in the seismic chart in the week of February 1, 2014 with weekly values rising each week once the next Earth orbit cycle begins relative to the black star now moving through the Libra Constellation. I expect the earth change uptick to become more severe with each orbit cycle with the longest uptick period running from February through the end of May for 2014. We should expect to see a pair of 7-magnitude earthquake events in the Pacific Ocean along the Ring of Fire in the month of February with extreme stress to the tectonic plates between the Solomon Islands and an area just north of Japan. The coming Sun/Earth/black star nearside alignment event is expected to take place in the third week of May, which coincides with the potential for a ‘crossing event’ with internal solar system environmental conditions supporting a potential geological pole shift for our planet.
Extreme solar flare activity is anticipated for the month of May 2014, as Saturn is now moving through Libra and expected to conjoin with the black star in late April or early May of this year. Earth will orbit directly into harm’s way with the ringed planet, Earth and the black star all moving through the Libra Constellation at the same time relative to the Sun dramatically increasing the probability of magnetic portal connection electromagnetic cross firing that generate electromagnetic clouds rushing towards the Sun. The Sun interprets these fast-moving electromagnetic clouds as threats causing the Sun to release a flurry of solar flares like the ones we witnessed with the recent Earth/Sun/black star backside alignment before and after the 7.2 Japan Quake Event from October 25, 2013, when Earth passed behind the Sun coming into alignment with the black star.
Fireballs/meteors from space will continue on the uptick throughout the 2014 Earth orbit cycle with increased frequency along with sinkhole formation around the globe in record numbers. Lettered agency-run desensitizing operations should continue on the uptick like we saw with James McCanney and others yelling and screaming throughout the Comet S1/2012 Psyop that mirrors the Elenin Psyop used throughout the 2011 Earth orbit cycle where John Moore’s feature disinformation tool was LUCUS. I expect James McCanney to leave the Nibiru/Planet X/mini solar system scene like LUCUS to be replaced by another upgrade that could see Richard Hoagland or another NASA-type taking over to run the next phase of the disinformation/desensitizing operation ensuring that the sheeple are going ‘baaaaaaa’ and ‘Peace and Safety!,’ as the black star moves in to begin terraforming the planet to fulfill the Georgia Guidestones Agenda for the New World Order.

Black Star Update Report 6-26-2013
The diagram below shows Black Star Position relative to the Sun just below the ecliptic plane firmly in the center of the Virgo Constellation moving left towards the Libra Constellation 7 degrees for every 192 days, or about 15 degrees per year. Earth came into alignment with the Sun and black star on April 6, 2013 to cross the black star orbit path on May 17, 2013, which means the black star is backing up into the Leo Constellation; as Earth moves towards outside orbit position on July 10, 2013. I have placed two circles on either end of black star position relative to Earth, because the inbound object appears to move farther right in the orbit diagram; as the black star gets nearer and nearer to crossing Earth orbit path. The circle on the left is more accurate if the black star is father away and left-to-right movement with Earth orbit spans a shorter distance. The black star will appear to stop in the Leo Constellation July 10, 2013 to begin moving once again towards the Virgo Constellation once Earth reaches outside orbit position to enter the six-month period that Earth is on the back side of the Sun relative to the black star. The black star will appear to be in the center of the Virgo Constellation relative to the Earth around October 15, 2013, when Earth passes behind the Sun in alignment relative to the black star.

Earth is now entering the turbulent area of the solar system where the solar wind and black star influences create a neutral environment for Earth magnetosphere to begin taking on geometric shapes. Earth is also reaching a critical position in orbit that ends the current two-month earth change lull period reaching into the middle of July spanning the time Earth crosses black star orbit path to the time we reach outside orbit position. The reason for the reduction in earth changes is because the black star/Earth magnetic portal connection began stretching once Earth crosses black star orbit path, because Earth orbit velocity continues to be greater than black star capability to make up the distance. Remember that Earth has two earth change uptick periods and two earth change lull periods for each Earth orbit cycle based upon growing and shrinking magnetic portal connection lengths. The longest earth change lull period of just over three months runs from the time Earth crosses behind the Sun relative to the black star to the time that Earth reaches outside orbit position on the winter side of the solar system from the northern hemisphere perspective.

This current two-month earth change lull period is critical to eventually providing us with black star proximity, as the lull period continues to shrink in duration with each orbit cycle. The reason is that the black star is continuing to increase in velocity towards reaching perihelion position on the summer/fall side of the solar system, again, from the northern hemisphere perspective. The black star will eventually have sufficient velocity for the black star/Earth magnetic portal connection to continue shortening through this period for the earth changes to continue on the uptick all the way from January through the backside alignment near the end of October for 2014. Our mapping/charting earth change data shows a valley demonstrating the lull period, but the dip in the charts continues to show a straighter line rather than a dip; which means black star lateral movement into the Libra Constellation is accelerating with each orbit cycle.

The conclusion for this week is that earth change indicators say that StuNoodle’s April 6, 2013 Sun/Earth/black star alignment explanation is correct and that Earth is indeed orbiting towards outside orbit position around July 10, 2013 give or take a few days. We will know more once Earth enters the six-month back orbit phase or the orbit cycle and comparative analysis of the earth change mapping/charting data is complete. We had 341 of the 2.5-4-magnitude earthquakes in the week of May 17, 2013, when Earth passed black star orbit path and our planet was in the headlights of the inbound star. That was another strong indicator that my original April 2, 2013 nearside alignment prediction was very close to being right. Now we are seeing this number bound back and forth around 200 earthquakes, which is about right for the period that the black star/Earth magnetic portal connection length is remaining stable or shrinking. We should expect the number of these signpost earthquakes to go on the uptick again by the first week in August, as Earth once again comes around in orbit into the headlights of the inbound black star.