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Black Star Updates

Terral’s Newest Black Star Update 01-14-2016: https://youtu.be/LS4X_p7R0Ao
Terral’s Newest Black Star Update 01-21-2016: https://youtu.be/qsrk5mdu-dc
Terral’s Newest Black Star Update 01-28-2016: https://youtu.be/Bbi5RML0CjY
Terral’s Newest Black Star Update 02-04-2016: https://youtu.be/ImFiwJhSJ94

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Black Star Update Report Summer 2014

Earthquake values for practically every week are higher than 2013 values with more and more swarm activity
taking place around the globe making interpretation of the evidence more difficult with each Earth orbit cycle.
Earth crossed between the Sun and black star around the second week of April, when we saw the 8-magnitude
earthquake with six 7-magnitude and seventeen 6-magnitude earthquakes in just over a two week period; not to mention an average of fifty 5-magnitude quakes over the three-week period. We then saw no 7 or 8-magnitude earthquake events anywhere in the world, until just one showed up on the charts this week indicating that Earth has been experiencing the predicted earth change lull period; as Earth moved to outside-orbit position making the right triangle with the Sun and black star firmly in the Virgo Constellation.
Seismic Chart1

Nine 6-magnitude earthquake events is the high value for the entire 2014 Earth Orbit Cycle and the highest
since the two-week period surrounding the Solomon Island Quake Events from February 6, 2013 that changed
the Pacific Ocean/Ring of Fire tectonic dynamic that shifted pressures to the area between Alaska and
California. The 5-magnitude earthquake value was lower by nine events with the 2.5 to 4-magintude indicator
quake value dropping to about the yearly average at 211. Compare the weekly quake totals between 2013 and
2014 to realize the weekly values are much higher about 95 percent of the time, as our planet is having more
difficulty maintaining equilibrium with each orbit cycle around the Sun.

Earthquakes are clearly increasing (Story) and Scientists around the world claim to have little idea about what
the evidence means. The mysterious quake swarm near Noatak Alaska (Story) is also puzzling Scientists, which
is the primary reason that you see no lettered scientists appearing on any of my radio shows; as pinheads use
traditional modeling and analytics without the capacity to think outside the box. Again, all of this is easy to
explain: The Pacific Ocean/Ring of Fire tectonic dynamic changed with the Solomon Island Earthquake Events
from February 6, 2013 saw a spike in all the seismic values for a two week period, until the bottom fell out of
the indicator quake value reduced to just 107 earthquakes the week of February 20, 2013 representing the
lowest quake value for the last four years. Extra space was created by the cracking of the massive tectonic plate
with the Solomon Island Event in the entire Pacific Ocean Tectonic Plate Network, which created the needed
space for the upper northwestern region to come ‘unlocked’ leading to the current quake swarm activity. We are
looking at precursor earthquake events, as the tectonic plates between Alaska and California are unlocking
gradually in slow motion leading to a massive ‘Quake Event’ anticipated in the near future.

We are seeing more and more stories about the weakening magnetosphere (Video) that the pinhead scientists
also characterize as ‘a mystery’ (Story), which again is no mystery at all. The heliosphere is shrunk by 25
percent in just the last decade (Story) and Earth magnetosphere is weakening proportionately, because the Sun
and Earth are connected through the Sun/Earth magnetic portal connections and both are under direct influence
of the inbound black star binary twin to our Sun causing all of these supposed ‘strange and mysterious’
phenomena. My view is that these scientists are working with NASA, JPL, DHS, DoD and other government
agencies deliberately lying to the American People following the same exact pattern of the IRS/Lerner Scandal
where a series of ‘false narratives’ are being used to deliberately deceive The People through a series of
deliberate lies. The Lerner emails were all ‘sent’ to third parties in other government agencies that include the
Justice Department and Eric Holder and senior Congressional Leaders and even the White House part of a
massive scheme to target Conservative groups seeking the same tax status as their Democratic/Liberal
opponents representing an attack on their First Amendment rights and deliberate acts of Treason. All of these
emails represent official government business by Federal Agents under oath to defend the US Constitution and
all of these emails from ‘all parties’ have been backed up on third-party servers readily available to Congress
acting with the Judiciary.

Fox News and other Liberal News Media Outlets are deliberately pushing the ‘false narrative’ about the
‘crashed hard drive,’ when everyone here knows all these emails were sent to others and all are backed up
‘daily’ in separate folders for each working day. The only way for all of these emails to vanish is if someone
went through and deleted the emails in the day-to-day backed up archives that are saved according to provisions
of Federal Law. The Republicrats are pretending to ask for the lost emails from those accused OF TREASON,
as everyone is kicking the can down the road knowing full well that the black star is coming to terraform the
entire planet and soon none of this will matter. The same scenario is playing out with the Benghazi Crisis where
CIA-backed militants attacked the Consulate and CIA annex using intelligence from the two circling CIA/DoD
drones deliberately orchestrated to murder double agents working with the CIA, but also with other parties to
blow the cover on ongoing CIA/DoD/Obama operations in Jordan to train ISIS militants (Story) for the recent
push towards Bagdad for installing the new Islamic State.

The Crisis at the Southern Border is another fabricated event where Fox News and the Media are pushing the
false narrative about “The Children” and the “Immigration Crisis,” as thousands and thousands of Illegal Alien
Foreign Nationals flood across the border using the children as their smokescreen to keep your eye off the ball.
The Administration advertised for ‘escorts’ to help settle 65,000 people in January (Story), which means that the
same advertisement was sent out for the Govt Officials in Mexico and these people were bussed from the
southern Mexican border straight to the USA border very much part of a well-conceived plan known ahead of
time BY CONGRESS and Administration leadership down to the boots on the ground. That is the reason you
see these buses lining up to transport these illegal alien foreign nationals and citizens of other countries within US Borders in direct defiance of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 that I have written about in previous newsletters. The common theme with all these earth changes and changes in the solar system and all of these fabricated crises is that the wool is being pulled over your eyes by the House of Rothschild and the puppet governments around the world making ready to run into their underground ark cities, before the crap hits the fan. I am confident that Deacon John will be hitting all of these related topics, after my Black Star Update Report on Liberation Nation today starting at 4PM Eastern Time on Studio A at Revolution Radio.

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