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FBI Combs/Schwartz Are 9/11 Murderers

FBI Special Agent Chris Combs and ACFD Chief James Schwartz Are 9/11 Murderers:

Contradictory information contained in the 911 Commission Report (link), the Arlington County After-Action Report (link) and National News data reveal that the FBI and Arlington County Fire Department deliberately managed the Pentagon fire over a three-day period for purposes that include the murder of innocent bookkeepers, accountants and budget analysts working to track down the missing 2.3 Trillion dollars. I call for the immediate arrest of FBI Special Agent Christopher Combs and Arlington County Fire Chief Plaugher-appointed ACFD Incident Commander Chief James Schwartz who together orchestrated multiple false alarms, to then order multiple Pentagon evacuations, for the manipulation of the Pentagon fire and firemen for sixty hours towards a predetermined deadly outcome. All 911CR and ACAAR page number references are PDF/585 and 215 respectively. Continued at link below: