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This is what happened on 9/11

This Is What Happened On 9/11: http://youtu.be/21FEip11xWQ

The 9/11 attacks were planned, staged and carried out according to the Global Guardian Wargames (link and Amalgam Virgo Exercise was dress rehearsal) becoming the backdrop for this definite Inside-Job Atrocity(my 911Truth Blog). My finger points to The House of Rothschild and Warburg (Euro Elites) and Morgan and Rockefeller (Amero Elites + Peter Peterson, Larry Silverstein, Giuliani, etc.), as the planners, financiers (these people own the Federal Reserve = #1+2 = Chapter 3) and beneficiaries of trillions and trillions of dollars appropriated from We The People, during the sixty hours (“witness assassination”) that the DoD-supervised FBI, CIA and NSA, NORAD and the Joint-chiefs conspired with FEMA, the Justice Department and New York City (Mayor Giuliani = Tripod2), and the Arlington County Fire Department (my letter), to murder innocent Americans ‘and’ cover up the crime ‘and’ pin their guilt upon others (Bearded Jihadist Radicals = Tim Osman was CIA = al-CIA-duh). The House of Rothschild murdered Abraham Lincoln and JFK (using Secret Service) and the same House of Global Elites carried out the 9/11 Attacks and orchestrated the current U.S./Global Meltdown. Continued at the link below: