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WTC-7 Controlled Demolition

WTC-7 Controlled Demolition: http://youtu.be/YenRipK45gA

All of the evidence points directly to inside-job terrorists taking down WTC-7 by Controlled Demolition on 9/11. WTC-7 was designed and built using Compartmentalization of all supporting columns and beams separated by solid concrete slabs horizontally and curtain walls vertically making ‘death by fire’ an impossibility. A building fire has never destroyed a steel-framed skyscraper in US history before or after 9/11 and WTC-1, WTC-2 and WTC-7 were owned by Larry “Pull It” Silverstein all suffering the same fate. Many fail to realize the World Trade Center Towers had never been in private hands prior to the summer of 2001, when Mr. Silverstein received possession from the New York Port Authority. Continued at link below: